Must see artwork in the Gallery

Every piece of artwork by Bearcloud is custom made and then Bearcloud paints beautiful extensions of the particular piece on to the frame. Click the images below to enlarge.

There are several types of frames and matting to choose from. Visit the Framed Gallery page for examples. Please contact the gallery for more details.


    Bearcloud's Artwork

    • 3 Moons of the Mystics
    • A Balance of Spirit
    • A Gathering of Nations
    • A Gifting of Spirit
    • As Above As Below
    • Bears That Move in the Wind
    • Between the Earth and Sky
    • Breath of the Waken
    • Call of the Eagle Spirit
    • Cathedral Rock
    • Corridor to the Stars
    • Guardian
    • Harmony
    • In the Silent Language of Earth
    • Land of Two Eagles
    • Lodge of Grandmother Star Spider
    • Lodge of the Buffalo Bear Heart
    • Sacred Pool
    • Send Me a Vision, Guide My Path
    • Sentinel Totem Spirit
    • Spirits of the Sea
    • Spirits of the Waters Flow
    • Spirits Touching
    • Spiritualization Matter
    • Swirl of Smoke
    • The Alignment
    • The Chameleon
    • Thunder Mountain
    • Voices of the Ancient Ones
    • WAH SHA SHU (Sacred Waters)
    • Wind of Star Nation
    • Winds of Turtle Island