Bearcloud Gallery

We are located in uptown Sedona. Please come and view first hand Bearcloud's artwork.

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Sharing a Vision !

First, I would like to say that I paint what my heart has to say. These paintings are visions of what my spirit feels in the connection of those things that are around me. It is what I feel to be a mission of my spirit as I walk upon Earthmother. I consider these visions to be a gift of the creator, and I am honored that I can do such a thing. I feel that my path has been blessed. Visions are not normally spoken of in my way; however, some are and these visions are of that way. These paintings are best understood by just connecting to them and feeling what they say. A short caption has been written to help one better understand them, although I believe words to be very limiting.


Featured Artists

Not only does Bearcloud's Gallery contain all his artwork but we invite, display and sell other artists works as well. Two well known artist are Debra Farrell and Gadomski.

Featured Artists

Chameleon Project

With the blinding pace that most of us run our lives, it isn’t always easy to see the forest for the trees. As a result,
we miss the opportunities to enjoy all that we have passed at the dead run...

Chameleon Project

7 Fires Now an e-edition

Excitement is at its peak with the release of Bearcloud's new book "7 Fires." You can now purchase the book as on e-edition. You can also visit for more information.

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